Bible Training Center

Through Love and Restoration Training A Generation To Reach The Nations.

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Fire Place Fellowship Bible Training Center is to train believers ages 16 and up, with a much deeper knowledge of the Christian faith and an understanding of the Word of God.  Offering a two-year program, which provides a higher educational setting for those who feel called into a full-time ministry or the ministry of helps as a lay worker in the church, as well as for the believer who desires personal spiritual growth. Our desire is to raise up Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, and Teachers; sending them out to bring the life of God’s Word to all that will hear. We will provide hands on training in ministry activities.

General Information

The Bible Training Center meets Thursday nights from 6-9 p.m.  We offer 10 courses each year with a break in July and December.  Each week there are three 50- minute sessions, with a 10-minute break in between. Each student should bring a Bible and something to write with; a course syllabus and outline will be provided. You can register as a credit student or an audit student; there is a $25 application fee. For all details please download the Student Handbook and application. Childcare is available upon request for a fee.  This will be a life changing experience for all who attend.

Do you have a question or would you like to register for a class? Email [email protected] today.

Instructor Bios


Tony was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He came to America as a foreign exchange student and became a naturalized citizen. He graduated from North Central University with a BA in Christian Ministries; graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1997 and has his Masters in Theology from Life Christian University. Tony has been ministering the gospel for over 25 years. He was the founder and Senior Pastor of Living Faith Christian Center for 16 years. His passion is to impart the knowledge and wisdom of God in the lives of people so they can walk a quality covenant walk with the Lord and to enjoy all of His benefits on the earth. He teaches spiritual maturity by being doers of the Word, how to live a victorious life, and the authority every believer has. Tony ministers with boldness, passion and authority; as well as moving in the gifts of the Spirit.


Maria was a pastor alongside Tony at Living Faith Christian Center for 16 years. Her passion is to minister to women in which she has done for over 18 years. Maria’s desire is to see all of God’s children living in fullness, experiencing an intimate relationship with the Lord, becoming mature believers, living in unity within the local church and walking in their God-given purpose and destiny. Her ministering style is authentic, real, and transparent; as well as moving in the gifts of the Spirit.  Maria graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1997; has a BA and a Masters in Theology from Life Christian University.

Tony & Maria have been married for 30+ years, and have two daughters and a son-in-law.