Local Ministries

Care Pastor

Our Care Pastors assist with pastoral care meetings and home & hospital visitations as well as shut-ins as needed or requested. They also assist the Pastor and staff with Sunday services, membership meetings, teaching classes, weddings, funerals, and other life events.

Care Groups

Care groups are where the true work of the church occurs. We believe that it is virtually impossible to grow in our relationship with the Lord Jesus without having the committed, redemptive relationships that care groups provide. Care groups are small groups consisting ideally of 4-12 people. These groups meet on Wednesday nights at the church for Bible Study, a time of sharing and ministry, followed by a time of fellowship. Care groups are open to all people who desire to join together with other believers to worship God and seek His face.

Wednesday Night Bible Classes

Every Wednesday night The Fire Place offers Bible based classes for all ages. The classes rotate on 8 week basis. Enrollment is always open and every one is welcome.If you desire a deeper knowledge of The Word and a stronger relationship with Christ, you will be blessed by one of our Wednesday night classes.

Men's Fellowship

The Fire Place Men’s Group is a fellowship designed to win, build, and grow men in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It reaches men through fellowship meetings, teaching, group discussion, prayer, and other events and activities that are relevant for every man’s spiritual formation. Through these gatherings our focus is on three things: Fellowship: Learning God's Word: Growing and Developing in Jesus Christ.

Ladies Tea Party

Four times a year the Ladies Ministry gathers for Retreats, Conferences and All night Prayer Meetings. Birthed from the heart of Pastor Shanda, the Ladies Touch-en-Agree Ministry is a powerful group of ladies who know who they are in Christ and together they see Miracles Happen!

TNT Classics

The Tried ‘n True Classics ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(TTC) group are members of The Fireplace Fellowship (TFPF) in Hendersonville, TN, age 50+, who get together bi-monthly for a planned activities for the sheer purpose of fun and fellowship.

Ignite Youth

Ignite Youth are all about pointing people to the ultimate source of adventure and purpose – a life following Jesus. We’re about raising up a generation to reach the nations.Our vision is to see young people everywhere who are "not just changed for a day, but transformed for life". Our Youth ministries is sub dived into 3 groups: Young Adult (College & Career), High School #68, Fire Team (Middle School)

Fire Place Kids

We Believe that Jesus can live Big in even the smallest of children. We look at our children as our most valuable possession. We do our best to strive for excellence in this area of ministry. It is our honor to train our children to be mighty warriors for Christ. Our Children's Ministry is divided into these smaller groups.On Sunday nights we have Club Fuel. This is an exciting Super church experience for all Kids Ministry ages. Kids Ignited (2nd-5th grade), Wee Warriors (Pr-K through 1st), Little Embers Nursery (Birth through Pr-K)

The Fire Choir

The primary purpose and commitment of the Fire Choir is to serve our home church through worship each Sunday. We are made up of a diverse group of Believers, but the real beauty of the Choir happens when we all come together, from all different walks of life, and blend our voices in worship to our Creator.

Sparks Children's Chior

Sparks children's choir provides children the opportunity to cultivate an appreciation for music and share their talents while delivering the message of the love of Jesus.

Van & Transportation Ministry

The Van & Transportation Ministry is dedicated to transporting to and from church and other activities of the church people who would otherwise be unable to have fellowship and attend the activities and worship services of our church.

Greeter & Hospitality

The newcomer will quickly come to some conclusions during the first few minutes. First impressions are often lasting impressions. The ministry of greeting is perhaps one of the most crucial in the church because it is one of the most visible. The greeter performs a major role in ensuring that the first thing everyone see’s and experiences is the love of Jesus Christ.

Altar Ministry

We believe that an Altar Worker is an intercessor, and should be trained and equipped to pray with and for those who come to receive from God. Altar Workers are selected by the Pastoral team due to the sensitivity of the ministry. Congregants come in faith for healing, both physical and spiritual, restoration, and deliverance from addictions. As Altar Workers, we have the privilege of standing with, interceding and engaging in spiritual battle for the souls of God’s people so they will walk away changed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


A church should be a place of peace, a safe haven where we can worship and experience God’s love and grace away from the conflicts of the world. We expect a church to be the safest place in our community, and at The Fire Place Fellowship we take security serious. God is our ultimate protector and we are thankful for The Blood of Jesus that covers.

Intercessory Prayer

We believe prayer should be priority #1. In 2016, we stepped out in faith and added a member to our staff o only PRAY. Every Thursday 5 hours of intercessory prayer happens at FPF. You can email us your prayer requests via the contact page.

Hero of Hope

A hero is someone who serves others for the greater good. The Fire Place Fellowship has many Hero's. They serve every area of ministry. If you feel God calling you to a deeper commitment of service to Him, become a Hero of Hope today.
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TV & Media

The Fire Place television program airs weekly on the CTN network. Sunday mornings at 8:30am & Tuesday's at 2:30pm. Pastors Robb & Shanda are frequent guest hosts on the nationally syndicated program, Nashville Alive on the TCT network. (check local listings for times) They can also be seen on various networks such as Daystar & TBN. You can always watch us via Live Stream every Sunday or view our vast catalog on line.