Start Here with Destiny Connection

The Fire Place Fellowship has a desire to see church growth in every aspect.  We also have a detailed vision in place.  The million dollar question is the “HOW” do we see this vision from God come to pass?

Unity in vision, prayer, fasting, worship and a powerful Word are all vital to any ministry.  Even with all of that, the “HOW” to accomplish our goals is where a ministry team can fall short.  After today these areas will no longer be a mystery.  The vision that has been in our hearts will now be a clear plan that is easily understood by every staff member and able to simply articulate.  In knowing and understanding the “HOW” we will be able to create a culture for the desired growth to happen.

The vision for every church member is simple:

  1. Attend One Sunday Worship Service (10:00 AM or 6:00 PM)
  2. Attend One Class or Small Group per week
  3. Actively Serve in the Ministry one time per week (i.e. Nursery, Children’s Ministry, Ushering, etc.)

Get on the Train!

  • Entry Point of the Train – Worship Service
  • First Boxcar – Destiny Connection
  • Second Boxcar – Class / Small Group / Care Group
  • Third “Get in the Cab” – Committed act of weekly service.  This helps us drive the train to every Nation of The World.

#1 Destiny Connection (First Box Car)

Six times a year we offer a two week class led by Pastor David McConnell. This class will tell you who we are, why we are here and where we are going. This powerful class also gives us the opportunity to find out who you are and what God given gifts YOU have. We desire to connect your Destiny to the vision of this church.

We want to see you use your gifts for The Lord. This church needs every one! Sign up today for our next set of Destiny connection classes.

#2 Class/Care Groups (Second Box Car)


Care groups are where the true work of the church occurs. We believe that it is virtually impossible to grow in our relationship with the Lord Jesus without having the committed, redemptive relationships that care groups provide.

Care groups are small groups consisting ideally of 4-12 people. These groups meet at various places and times for prayer and fellowship.  They are formed from Wednesday night classes after attending for two weeks.


After joining a class offered by the church, you are placed in a Care group. They  are open to all people who desire to join together with other believers to worship God and seek His face.

List of Bible classes currently offered:

  • Healing SchooNew Coveant – Betty Therber
  • The Blessed Life Passion for Souls – Tony & Maria Costadini
  • Winners Circle- Pastor Robb & Shanda Tripp


  • To grow in our relationship with  God and each other.
  • To provide adequate pastoral care for each member of The Fire Place Fellowship.
  • To live this Life of Faith together.


Enroll in a class today by filling out the form and letting us know which one you would like to be a part of.

#3 Part of Team (Third Box Car)

Our challenge is simple… Get everyone on the Train.  As The Fire Place Fellowship, we will speak of the boxcar, the cab, and using the easy to understand word picture placed above, we will be able to portray the “HOW” of our church vision with others.  It will no longer be mysterious or difficult to communicate.

Pastors Robb & Shanda have never been more convinced that what we have believed for and prayed for is coming to pass.  At the same time, they are convinced that a solid plan of order for church growth must be in place.  As church staff we must understand that every person should be “moving”.  This is how we keep the momentum we are currently experiencing.  The movement we speak of is getting on the train and ultimately helping lead the train.  New members need to clearly understand, at this church we get involved by getting on the train.

A hero is some one who serves others for the greater good. The Fire Place Fellowship has many Hero’s. They work together as a team to bring Hope to others.  This happens by serving every area of ministry.  If you feel God calling you to a deeper commitment of service to Him. Become a Hero of Hope today.

Ways to become a Hero of Hope:

  • Ignite Youth Adult  sponsor
  • Children’s Ministry (Must have back ground check to work with anyone under 18)
  • Hospital Visitation Seniors/ Shut-in
  • Event Planning Team Creative Design Team clean – organize
  • Office helper
  • Choir
  • Drama Team (8yrs & up)
  • Sparks Choir (Ages 5-11)
  • Hospitality Team
  • Usher – Greeter
  • Kitchen team
  • Van Driver
  • Bus Angel (Attendant for Van children during service)
  • Van lunch program (every child riding Van takes  home a sack lunch)
  • Join Kroger Giving NPO 32825
  • Smile Amazon
  • Join our FPF family group page and help outreach via sharing posts.
  • Like us on FB
  • Like us on Twitter


Become a Hero of Hope by telling us a little bit about yourself below and which ministry you would like to be a hero in.